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Our team

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Silvija Josipović Beronja
Energy therapist, Spine therapist, founder of Organicos
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Kristina Juričić
Spine energy expert
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Lila Radun
Hieroterapist, external associate
Branka Pap
harmacist, Tiens food supplement advisor
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dr. med. Enver Beriša
Doctor and diagnostician

Mission, vision and goals

The Center's offer brings together all aspects of health. Using diagnostic methods (spinal scan and Metavital technology), the body's condition is determined and gives us guidelines for solving a specific problem or source of the problem. After that certain treatments (spine acupressure treatments, adjustment of the atlas and personal growth training) are performed to solve the problem.

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Our goal is to provide better quality of life to our clients with our offer of services and products in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of Organicos centre. Clients are all those who, for certain reasons, want to live healthier, as well as those who, for health reasons, have to. We want our customers to recognize the uniqueness and quality of our services and products as something that will surely provide them with a better, lighter, more relaxed life and to reach healthier and happier life with us.

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Working and educating in all these areas combined with eight years of experience in energy treatments and cooperation with experts in the field of natural health and traditional Chinese medicine, we came to the conclusion that it would be good to unite the aforementioned areas. We have therefore opened a Centre where people will get the whole treatment and raise the quality of own life, very comfortably, simply and in own environment.

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In the stressful circumstances of our accelerated everyday life, we tend to lose the healthy harmony of the body and soul which intertwine and interact with each other. Organicos Center is a place of peace and relaxation where we allow our clients to be healthy and happy in order to better understand themselves and their bodies. In one place we cover all aspects of human health and well-being through diagnosis, education and treatment.

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