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Individual sessions

Many things are clear to you, but do you still feel obstacles in yourself that prevent you from living your full potential? You don't know what is it really on your path of self-realization, success and happiness? Or maybe you know what it is, but don't know how to overcome this obstacle? Do you feel that there is another deeper meaning you wish to explore? How would you like to work with me on these issues?
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Wensday Workshop

Let's talk about money

The vast majority of people have fear and wrong beliefs about money which makes them unhappy, worried, and burdened in this very essential relationship. So I prepared a get-together on the topic of “Talking About Money” with the purpose of raising awareness about money and opening the door to the same.
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Ljiljana Tušek, Zagreb

Find it and do it!

Program „Find it and do it” pruža sasvim novi uvid u energiju s kojom raspolažemo na dnevnoj razini, pokreće promjene života i katapultira u sferu uživanja u životu.
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Successful and relaxed

Through health problems, lack of energy, abandoning the safety of permanent employment and entering the realm of self-employment during pregnancy, I had to find a way to function and achieve the dreams of my soul. Being a newborn mother, a good wife and a housewife, a fair colleague and a successful entrepreneur seems to be an impossible mission.
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Energy activations

Imagine for a moment that your potential is a seed collection. You own many different kinds of seed, each needing slightly different conditions and having different ripening times. Some seeds are trees and some are wild flowers. There are fruits, vegetables and various herbs as well as other plants.
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Monthly membership is an incubator for growth of your potential. Group online sessions are based on a particular topic, as well as the topics of group members. In this way, all participants receive support for growing their potentials, as well as the answers to questions they have not asked. They serve to provide support and appropriate growth conditions to their potentials.

4 times a month for an hour
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